the grass so green,
the sun so bright,
life seems a dream,
no worries in sight

tans and tank tops,
laughter and bliss,
each moment passes,
without even a miss

friends and cookouts,
memories and laughs,
good times to remember,
but how long will it last

the grass soon fades,
leaves begin to fall,
school replaces sleepovers,
oh I’ll miss it all

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/summer

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– Summers are full of parties, swimming, night outs, and happy thoughts! Also, summer is all about good food and trying new things! During the month of July, I spent a little bit of time in Vietnam and Texas. In each place, I tried and found tons of new delicious dishes that I’m going to share with you in this post! Most of these pictures are featured on my (just for fun) food insta @foodsforfoodies, feel free to check it out!

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On July 7th, 2017 – I attended a family friend’s wedding in Saigon, Vietnam. It was an amazing cultural experience and you can read more about it down below!! Enjoy!!


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as you can see, I was SUPER pumped for the wedding!!!


It was really exciting to get to dress up in the traditional Vietnamese long dresses and experience an amazing part of the Vietnamese culture.

We were only able to attend the reception party because the ceremony was exclusively for close family. It was still a GREAT experience though! πŸ‘

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new month. new beginning. new mindset. new focus. new start. new intentions. new RESULTS. 

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By Tess Martin, Pinterest

it’s the start of July!!! which means a whole 31 days to refocus, have fun, and do the things that you couldn’t do in June! πŸ˜‹

first, set your goals for the month of July!! list them out and put them where you can refer back to them! the goals don’t need to be elaborate– something simple and easy to attain. example- one of my goals for July was to wake up earlier and sleep earlier! (It’ll give you much more needed energy & lead to a better lifestyle!)

secondly, as each day passes make sure you are diligent in working to complete your goals!

third, keep motivated!! this is so important because it’ll keep you going during the month. I like to refer to Pinterest quotes and read other people’s blog- it helps a ton to hear other people’s wisdom. do everything with purpose! think of why you set that goal and the good it’ll do for you at the end of the month!!!

good luck!!! & here are my big monthly goals for July! :

1. Commit to blogging! 

blogging is something I just discovered and I now love expressing myself through writing! I am aiming to generate more consistent and interesting content starting this month! πŸ‘

2. Organize my life!

whether it means my closet, blog, social media, or room! I’m super MESSY & CHAOTIC! so this month, I’d like to get a handle on things so by the time school starts, i’ll be prepared! Organization is extremely important, it helps keep life easier by providing clean and a no-clutter slate! πŸ’—

3. Strengthen relationships! 

friends & family are suppose to be a huge part of your summer because it is a chance to get to know them better while school is out! unfortunately for more than a month, I’ve been away from my friends and parents and will only have a month of summer with them. so, I am so excited to spend time with the people I love and strengthen my relationships! positive strong relationships with people are very important to a happy life because you’ll always have someone to talk to, trust, love, and have fun with!! πŸ˜„

Let me know what your monthly goals are!! & HAPPPY JULY!!! – KATIE



keep happy and smiling!


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“The world is a book and those who do not travel only read page one.” -St. Augustine

Ever since May 27th, I have been living inVietnam. I wouldn’t say it is like a vacation but more of a “living abroad”. Here, I have done so many amazing things discovering more about my Vietnamese heritage, but there are downsides to living abroad. These are ups and downs to living in a different country.

The Upsides:

Exciting Travel Opportunities

In any country, there are different cities, restaurants, and things to do. Every new country offers new travel opportunities and it’s a chance to see the world! In Vietnam, I’ve done and seen things I have never seen before in the United States. I ride motorbikes daily to get around and have mangos, durian, and jackfruit growing in my backyard. Not to mention, the literal petting zoo going on in my house with pet bunnies and chicks. Living here has really given me the chance to experience things I couldn’t do and see in the United States.

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Christ the King Statue in Vung Tao

Expansion of Knowledge

Experiences you have living in a different country can teach you so many things that just can’t be shown on a documentary, book, or even the internet. Even during a walk to the grocery market, I learn many things about Vietnam, its culture, and people. I get to engage in conversation with the locals and truly expand my knowledge about the world outside of Texas. One of my favorite things to learn about here is the deep history of the Vietnam War and it’s one of the easiest things to learn about because of its numerous monuments, museums, and historic places that are just a minute’s ride away.

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Personal Growth

When you move to a new country, you’ll be thrown into brand new situations and settings that may seem intimidating and scary at first, but are always the best ways to grow as an individual. Not only will you grow physically- but emotionally, too. You’ll encounter different environments and create relationships with new people that help strengthen and grow your thoughts and understandings about life. I can see myself as a different person than when I first came here. Things I see in Vietnam humble, inspire, and teach me so many things I didn’t know living in the United States.

The Downsides

Culture Shock

This downside hasn’t affected me as much as some other people because of my familiarity with Vietnamese culture already, but there are little things like taking your shoes off before you step into a store or house, the language barrier, motorbikes instead of cars, the different foods, and monsoon season. These examples make adapting into the culture harder. Over time, little things like that stopped being weird to me and just part of everyday life.

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I encounter myself missing my friends and family every day and sometimes feel lonely. I miss the little things like my bed at home, eating a hamburger, and going to the movies. Homesickness never goes away but you can counter it a little, by keeping in touch with your family and friends through Facetiming and social media. For the things I miss at home like McDonalds or something, I focus on what I have where I am. There are so many things to do when living in a different country, so I try my best to take advantage of that.

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Even though being here means a month and a half away from people I love and things I miss, I am truly glad for this experience and can’t wait to see what else I can learn.

Thank you for reading and I hope this was interesting! β™₯β™₯β™₯ -KATIE