75,600 MINUTES OF SCHOOL!!! motivation & goals! πŸ’–

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noun. the END of summer, the wooonderfullllΒ home that you’re stuck in for 14+ yrs ahhhhhΒ yay!!!

Today was my last 1st (!!!) day of middle school, wow, time sure does fly by fast. Since it is my last year, I want to spend it doing my very best and succeeding everything I hope for. Despite sitting in stuffy classrooms forΒ looooooooongΒ hours every day, school is important and the ways I get through it are setting my annual goals, backed by my little motivations.


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back in uniform 😭


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new month. new beginning. new mindset. new focus. new start. new intentions. new RESULTS. 

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By Tess Martin, Pinterest

it’s the start of July!!! which means a whole 31 days to refocus, have fun, and do the things that you couldn’t do in June! πŸ˜‹

first, set your goals for the month of July!! list them out and put them where you can refer back to them! the goals don’t need to be elaborate– something simple and easy to attain. example- one of my goals for July was to wake up earlier and sleep earlier! (It’ll give you much more needed energy & lead to a better lifestyle!)

secondly, as each day passes make sure you are diligent in working to complete your goals!

third, keep motivated!! this is so important because it’ll keep you going during the month. I like to refer to Pinterest quotes and read other people’s blog- it helps a ton to hear other people’s wisdom. do everything with purpose! think of why you set that goal and the good it’ll do for you at the end of the month!!!

good luck!!! & here are my big monthly goals for July! :

1. Commit to blogging! 

blogging is something I just discovered and I now love expressing myself through writing! I am aiming to generate more consistent and interesting content starting this month! πŸ‘

2. Organize my life!

whether it means my closet, blog, social media, or room! I’m super MESSY & CHAOTIC! so this month, I’d like to get a handle on things so by the time school starts, i’ll be prepared! Organization is extremely important, it helps keep life easier by providing clean and a no-clutter slate! πŸ’—

3. Strengthen relationships! 

friends & family are suppose to be a huge part of your summer because it is a chance to get to know them better while school is out! unfortunately for more than a month, I’ve been away from my friends and parents and will only have a month of summer with them. so, I am so excited to spend time with the people I love and strengthen my relationships! positive strong relationships with people are very important to a happy life because you’ll always have someone to talk to, trust, love, and have fun with!! πŸ˜„

Let me know what your monthly goals are!! & HAPPPY JULY!!! – KATIE



keep happy and smiling!